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A nasty injury aged 16 meant Sally Orange had to spend 9 months learning to walk again. During this time she learnt about the role of a physiotherapist, and set her goal to become one. Multiple applications & years later, Sally qualified and began her career with the NHS, before joining the TA.

Eventually moving into a FTRS role, Sally deployed to Afghanistan to lead her team and develop courses to help wounded personnel recover from injury. Sally was medically discharged in 2019, and suffered with depression & anxiety, something that would lead her on to her fundraising efforts completing marathons around the globe dressed in costumes. Sally has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for over 50 charities, is an Army Cadet Ambassador, and was recently awarded an MBE for her efforts.

Force Radio is proudly veteran owned and operated, delivering high-quality military and 1st responder news, interviews and podcasts. Visit their channel page, website or social media channels to find veteran friendly radio and forces podcasts hosted by their team of veteran military personnel, special forces operators and 1st responders.


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