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Running as a Fruit and Embracing Failure - Sally Orange

Sally Orange is a physiotherapist, veteran, charity fundraiser, endurance runner, Invictus game medallist, inspirational speaker, ambassador for the Army Cadets and mental health advocate. She holds multiple world records including being the only person to complete a marathon on every continent dressed as a piece of fruit!

1 Jul 2021

Afghanistan veteran made `really easy decision´ to join NHS Nightingale hospital

Ten years after touching down in Afghanistan, Army veteran Sally Orange walked through the doors of an NHS Nightingale hospital after seeing an opportunity to serve her country again.

26 Jun 2021

Afghanistan veteran made ‘really easy decision’ to join NHS Nightingale hospital

After 22 years’ service in the military, retired Army major Sally Orange said it was an easy decision to join the national coronavirus fight.

26 Jun 2021

Using Mental Health to do Extraordinary Things - Sally Orange

A champion of Mental Health, Sally talks through the challenges of today, how to live with purpose and the art of comparing yourself to yourself

17 Feb 2021

Special Award Finalist: Sally Orange (Army Cadet Force)

'Not content with being the only person in the world to have run a marathon on every continent in fancy dress (more specifically dressed as different pieces of fruit!), in a bid to raise funds and awareness for different charities, Sally Orange is a genuinely inspirational advocate for all service personnel, the veterans’ community and society at large, that have experienced poor mental health.'

25 Jan 2021

Your Greatest Sporting Moment: Sally Orange

We were a five-strong British female team who all trekked 250km across the Finnmark Plateau, the largest ice plain in Europe

19 Dec 2020

2020 Soldiering On Award Winners Join Forces on Cenotaph Centenary Campaign

Soldiering On Awards are proud to have been asked to get involved with a very special campaign, involving two of our magnificent Soldiering On Awards 2020 winners, Nikki Scott of Scotty’s Little Soldiers, and Sally Orange.

30 Nov 2020

Veteran Marathon Fundraiser

Sally Orange, from Staffordshire, is a physiotherapist and army veteran who, while completing her induction to work at the NHS Nightingale Hospital in April, ran a marathon around the building in her scrubs and facemask for NHS Charities Together and Frontline Children.

25 Nov 2020

Beanstalk 20on20 Interview with the great Sally Orange!

Sally is amazing! She is an endurance runner, adventurer & mental health champion.

She is the only person on the planet to complete a marathon on every continent in fancy dress (as different pieces of fruit!), which gives you a flavour of her colourful personality.v

24 Nov 2020

U.K. Army Cadets ambassadors run marathon 1,000m underground in mine

A team of seven ran a full 42.2K in a mine 1K below the Earth's surface to raise awareness for mental health

17 Nov 2020

Veteran Runs Her Own London Marathon Around NHS Nightingale

Former Army medic Sally Orange ran laps around London's new facility in her scrubs to raise money for charity.

26 Apr 2020

Former Soldier Continues To Achieve As Record-Breaking Athlete

Sally Orange holds the Guinness World Record for the only person to complete a marathon in fruit costumes on every continent

19 Feb 2020

Former competitor Sally Orange is running the Virgin Money London Marathon 2019 for the Invictus Games Foundation

I joined the Royal Army Medical Corps in 1998 whilst studying at University to become a physiotherapist. I was deployed on Operation Herrick in 2011 and played a role in the recovery and ongoing rehabilitation of countless severely traumatically injured personnel over my career of 21 years.

2 Apr 2019
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